Our Markets

The industries we serve

Knighthouse Media focuses on some of the largest, most complex and innovative B2B market segments in the United States. Our audience consists of executives at companies of all sizes who help build, feed, merchandise, fuel, deliver and manufacture some of the world’s most indispensable products and services in the face of constant disruption, competition and price pressures.

Our goals are to help our audiences:

  • Become more competitive
  •  Increase sales and develop new markets
  • Reduce costs and become more efficient
  • Improve the skills of your workforce
  •  Use technology more effectively
  • Reduce waste and improve quality
  • Respond more quickly to innovations in your sector
group of construction workers examining site in urban enrivonment
Best Practices

 We present our community of residential, commercial/institutional and civil construction industry professionals with the best practices and actionable ideas that they can adopt to keep their projects moving safely and delivered on time and on budget.

small business space with two persons conducting credit card transaction
Retail & Food
best practices

Retail & Food Best Practices enables retailers, food companies and their vendor partners to learn, share and grow together. This community draws on proven techniques to improve efficiency, increase profitability and ensure consumer satisfaction. 

wind turbine behind solar panel array
Energy & Resources Best Practices

 Energy & Resources Best Practices is dedicated to helping industry executives stay informed about the best technology, regulatory and leadership practices available in renewable power, fossil fuels, mining and power utilities.

shipping and receiving dock near barge
Supply chain
best practices

Supply Chain Best Practices helps procurement, logistics, fulfillment, distribution, warehousing, sourcing and fleet operations professionals learn the best strategies, technologies and leadership practices to maximize customer value.

female worker in hardhat in front of computer
best practices

 Manufacturing Best Practices is dedicated to helping companies and their supplier partners maintain the edge their operations need to streamline processes, lower costs, develop successful new products and evolve with the dynamic marketplace.