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Construction Today

construction today cover

The construction industry can be a difficult business to navigate, but when executives want to know about new projects or keep up with trends in the industry, Construction Today is the magazine they turn to. Each issue of Construction Today explores timely issues such as the economy, material costs, LEED design and construction, BIM and work force retention.

Construction Today also focuses on best practices in the general building, heavy construction and associated specialty trade sectors. Our readers are the top executives of major contractors, engineering and design companies, equipment manufacturers, and suppliers of construction materials, as well as project owners and regulators.

Our editors speak with these top executives every day to learn and share their best practices and insights into important issues. Construction executives know they can rely on Construction Today to faithfully report their goals and successes.

Each month, we profile dozens of successful construction firms, consulting engineers and project owners to give you information about best practices in project delivery methods, new technologies, market trends and training techniques. Look to Construction Today to keep up with your industry – or contact us if you’d like your company to be considered for coverage in our pages and on the Web.

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Energy & Mining International

energy mining cover

Traditional and renewable resources are what power the worldwide economy. Commodity pricing, safety and environmental regulations, investment opportunities, new deposit discoveries, supply chain efficiencies, raising capital, alternative energy breakthroughs – these are the ever-evolving issues that CEOs, Owners and other top-level executives are obligated to follow. Energy & Mining International is the must-read publication for the leaders within these dynamic sectors. Through our print and digital publications, online website, database and tradeshow portal, and independent editorial, EMI helps executives at the senior boardroom and field levels stay abreast of the most important operational issues in this dynamic market.

Energy & Mining International focuses on major players in the traditional and renewable resource industries throughout the world. Featuring profiles on leading companies, columns by industry experts and news and notes about the latest trends in these markets, Energy & Mining International serves as the gatekeeper of information for anyone – whether it’s readers, our profiled companies or advertisers – who needs to be in the know about the worldwide energy and mining scene.

In each issue, Energy & Mining International’s editorial team speaks with market and regional experts who share the secrets behind their success, as well as what they expect from their industry down the road.

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Food & Drink International

food drink cover

One of the pleasures of food and drink is that they are often a shared experience. Think of the times you’ve sat around the dinner table with friends and family, and exchanged your ideas and opinions. Aside from enjoying a delicious meal, you left the table better informed.

Now, executives in the trilliondollar-plus food and beverage industry can share ideas and opinions in a single forum – Food and Drink magazine. Food and Drink is the only magazine with editorial that explains best practices for CEOS, presidents and other leaders in the restaurant chain and retail, food manufacturing and processing, and distribution, service and supply businesses.

Food and Drink offers its 41,000 readers access to best practices in customer focus, supply chain management, productivity, food safety and marketing through a unique cross-industry approach. You can visit the section that applies to your field – whether you are a producer, distributor, retailer or restaurant – for insider tips and then browse through other sections that directly or indirectly affect your business. For instance, if you operate a restaurant chain, you might be interested to know how distributors are improving their supply chains. Or, if you manufacture food or beverages, you might be curious to learn how consumers’ tastes are changing.

Food and Drink magazine is the only magazine that can facilitate this sort of “cross-table” conversation. In each issue, our editors and contributors:

  • Talk one-on-one with leaders and top thinkers in the food and beverage industry.
  • Report on news events that impact the entire food supply chain.
  • Profile restaurants, companies, facilities and executives that have made strides in best practices.
  • Report on food trends and R&D.
  • Look at the industry and implications of information technology on the food industry.
  • Explore the impacts that health, safety and other legislation is likely to have on our readers.

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Franchising Today

franchising today cover

Franchise owners and executives need to stay on the cutting-edge to compete in today’s crowded marketplace. They face pressure from all sides – from franchisors that want to ensure their products are marketed and sold correctly to customers that demand they receive the service and products they expect from the brands they love.

Franchising Today is the must-read trade publication for franchise professionals who want to stay informed of the latest trends and challenges in this dynamic marketplace, including sales and marketing best practices, real estate trends, regulatory and legal issues and much more.

Through our print and digital publications, website, industry associations and independent editorial, Franchising Today ensures these executives are kept up to date on the latest happenings in the franchising space. Each issue profiles dozens of successful franchisees – from owner-operators of single-unit franchises to large multi-unit businesses – and features in-depth interviews with the executives that run them. You can also turn to our web site, Facebook page and Twitter page to keep abreast of trends and news in the industry as they happen.

Franchising Today is the just-in-time vehicle for industry leaders who want to read about, reach and influence the franchising sector.

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Manufacturing Today

manufacturing today cover

Manufacturing Today is all about Best Practices in areas such as customer focus, supply chain management, environmental control, new technology and human resources. The magazine monitors the fast-changing marketplace for manufactured goods and analyzes effective strategies of the most successful firms. These case studies serve as a benchmarking tool across the vast industry spectrum.

In each issue of Manufacturing Today our editors:

  • Talk one-on-one with the leaders and top-thinkers in manufacturing.
  • Explain, as opposed to merely report, industry news and events.
  • Profile companies, facilities and executives who have made strides in Best Practices.
  • Review the implications that enhanced information technology has on the industry.
  • Explore topics of most relevant concern to executives, like lean manufacturing.
  • Examine the latest developments in Ottawa andWashington, D.C., and their impacts on readers.
  • Provide in-depth coverage of Six Sigma, ISO 9000 and other quality concepts.
  • Suggest ways to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the supply chain.

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Modern Home Builder

modern home builder cover

These are exciting times for homebuilders. For the first time since the height of the housing boom of 2006, the North American housing market is showing real signs of recovery. Existing home sales rose roughly 9 percent in 2012, with homebuilding showing significant signs of revival as well, as the net value of signed contracts is at the highest level since the height of the boom. Most importantly, uncertainty is waning and historically low interest rates are bringing a growing number of consumers back to the market. For builders, designers and others in the housing market, these indicators offer unprecedented opportunities.

Modern Home Builder is the must-read resource for industry professionals in this reemerging marketplace. Each issue features in-depth interviews with industry leaders and showcases the homes, builders and designers of extraordinary residences. Whether it’s a 30,000-square-foot estate or a successful, well-received affordable housing development, you’ll read about it in the pages of Modern Home Builder. Our readers are the “who’s who” of this dynamic market, and include elite builders and designers of single and multifamily homes throughout North America.

Featuring world-class photography and interviews straight from the luminaries of homebuilding and design, every issue of Modern Home Builder is as unique as the residences within. Through our print and digital magazines, website, editorial and social media outlets, Modern Home Builder keeps the players in this reemerging market informed of market and style trends, notable projects and industry leaders. If you want to read about or reach the homebuilding market, Modern Home Builder is your go-to resource.

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Retail Merchandiser

retail merchandiser cover

Since our beginnings more than 50 years ago, Retail Merchandiser has displayed an uncanny knack for recognizing the emerging trends in retail. From accurately predicting the revolution that saw mass merchandisers become the kings of retail to prognostications on the ways that the Internet would impact brick-and-mortar stores, our magazine has grown and evolved to cover every aspect of the retail world in print, on the web and through social media.

Today, we cover it all - traditional retail, online retail, the retail supply chain, licensing. If it has to do with retail, we're there. Through our

conversations with the c-suite, product managers, brand managers, senior marketing executives and senior sales executives from the front line to the back room, we are taking the pulse of how the products and services retailers need are delivered, how traditional and online retailers are connecting with consumers, and how licensors, licensees, retailers and suppliers can work together to bring new products to life and to retailers’ shelves.

Our editorial mission remains firmly rooted in the vision of our magazine’s founders: to help lead the industry by providing our readers with accurate and balanced information upon which to make better business decisions.

Retail Merchandiser is a 57-year-old, award winning, bi-monthly retail publication that reaches more than 160,000 decision makers (print and digital) worldwide. Our readers are buyers, CEOs, financial investors, visual merchandisers, licensors, licensees, licensing agencies and consultants to almost every major chain. We also distribute at trade shows and through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram & YouTube.

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Supply Chain World

supply chain world cover

An organization is only as good as its weakest link – that is, the weakest link in its supply chain. This is why many businesses are doing away with the old top-down, fragmented approaches to supply chain management that no longer work in today’s global, 24/7 economy. Instead, they are taking a more fully integrated approach that is carefully synchronized with stakeholders up and down the supply network.

This is where Supply Chain World comes in. Supply Chain World is the authority on best practices in supply chain management, featuring interviews with experts who know the process first-hand and are finding ever-better ways to improve efficiencies. Supply Chain World is a convenient, authoritative benchmarking tool, helping forward-thinking supply chain leaders and their global teams to stay current through cutting-edge content on our website and in our quarterly magazine. Each issue highlights best-practice strategies and practices to help our readers move products and information more efficiently and compete in the 21st century’s linked economy.

In every issue, Supply Chain World’s editors profile the leading companies in supply chain management across multiple industries, including retail, manufacturing and healthcare. Whether the goal is to tap into the benefits of third-party logistics or to learn how to partner more efficiently with suppliers, Supply Chain World keeps its readers up to date on the latest developments. We help our readers identify and fix weak links in their supply chains.

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Transportation & Logistics International

transportation logistics cover

Transportation and logistics is the industry that knits together the U.S. and global economies. In 2011 in the United States alone, the industry generated roughly $1.82 trillion dollars in revenues, which accounted for about 10 percent of the overall economy and employed more than 4.2 million Americans. Whenever someone ships a package, travels in a plane or other conveyance, or causes merchandise to be warehoused, many other Americans are put to work to make sure the process is smooth, safe and efficient.

Rising fuel costs, deteriorating infrastructure and the quest to lower carbon emissions are real challenges to the transportation and logistics industry. However, bright spots such as developing markets and new supply chain information technologies ensure a promising future ahead. When combined with the advent of high-speed rail and increased airline efficiencies, it is clear this already huge market is primed to become even larger.

Industry leaders need a comprehensive publication to keep pace with this dynamic marketplace. Transportation & Logistics International is their mustread trade publication to stay abreast of critical issues and trends.

Through our print and digital publications, website, industry associations and independent editorial, Transportation & Logistics International keeps executives in the know. Each issue profiles dozens of successful companies in the transport, shipping, supply chain management and logistics sectors, and provides our readers with timely interviews that showcase best practices in efficiency and management.

Transportation & Logistics International is the just-in-time vehicle for industry readers who want to read about, reach and influence the top decision makers in this vital industry.

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